Technical Support

Providing the best after sales services for our products has always been one of our key principles. Here at ICCTV we work around the clock to offer you the very best technical support with your product. our friendly technical team members will be on hand Monday/Friday to offer you some direct support with your product.

Technical FAQs

What is my Default password? 

  • The Default Password for any Recorders that ICCTV have Installed a Hard Drive in - Admin1985

What Mobile apps are Available?

  • The Best HIKVISION App for Mobile Devices is - HIK-CONNECT
  • The Best QVIS App for Mobile Devices is - SuperLivePro
  • The Best DAHUA App for Mobile Devices is - Android gDMSS Plus, Iphone iDMSS Plus
  • The Best HIWATCH App for Mobile Devices is - HIK-CONNECT
  • The Best PROLUX App for Mobile Devices is - Android gDMSS Plus, Iphone iDMSS Plus
  • The Best EZ-IP App for Mobile Devices is - Android gDMSS Plus, Iphone iDMSS Plus
  • The Best AVTECH App for Mobile Devices is - EagleEyes (Plus)

Why is my CCTV Camera Image in Black & White?

  • You may have a HYBRID CCTV Camera that is set to the wrong setting. Alternatively It could be a power related issue. Please contact us

How do I set up Remote View on my Mobile Device?

  • Step1: Download "HIK-CONNECT" app on your Device and Create an Account.
  • Step2: Make sure DVR IS Connected to Router Via Lan Cable.
  • Step3: Log On DVR and then Right Click to bring up MENU OPTIONS
  • Step5: Tick "ENABLE"
  • Step6: Type 6-12 Letter or Numbers into "VERIFICATION CODE" Box
  • Step8: Click "OK"
  • Step9: QR Code should now pop up > SCAN this via App.

How do i setup my HIKVISION Pyronix Alarm?

  • Set, Date /Time 
  • Codes users -change engineers code (C) to clear my code 
  • System options-site options Reset pin use to (No), System display logo, Display when set, (Yes)
  • Engineers restore options all to (No) 
  • Pairing control inputs how to learn devices…. Go to wireless device control and control inputs, hold learn tab for 5 seconds on PIR, etc.
  • Change inputs Door final exit and Pir entry route Pir normal intruder 
  • Volume control (2)
  • Assign user tags, fobs go into master/manager (2222), edit user, add new user, empty 01 etc., hold lock button on fob until flashes blue/red, fob just put against panel    
  • Cloud password (admin1985) 
  • App password watch 
  • Link phone then link to internet via phone